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N3014-500 NF/ELF


Technical Information 
Membrane Type Composite Polyamide Membrane  
Nominal Size 3.2 in. x 19.37 in., 0.84 in.
Double o-ring connector (2-016)
Tape wrap: Grey
Productivity Rate 78.85 + 15% (500 gpd) /lph @ 4.2 bar, 25C, Potable Water
Minimum Rejection 90%  
Nominal Rejection 92%    Typical 90% - 94%
*ELF HEAD sold separately
Recommended Operating Parameters
Pressure: Range 2.1 to 8.0 bar Overall performance improves with pressure
Pressure: Recommended Use 4.2 bar  
pH 4.0 to 11.0 2.5 during cleaning cycles is ok
Temperature 4 to 45 C Size element flux for lowest water temperature during the year
Minimum Concentrate Flow 5 times Permeate Flow Lower ratios increase the rate of fouling
Maximum Feed Concentrate 700 ppm  
Maximum Feed Flow Turbidity 5 NTU  
Maximum Feed Silt Density 5 SDI  
Chlorine Tolerance 0 Total removal recommended. The membrane has approximately 1000 ppm/hr tolerance

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